MissFIT Movement, like all of the best ideas, came from kids! I have been a teacher for over 10 years, and a gym instructor for more than 12!

In my time teaching year 7’s, my students asked me to deliver some of my gym exercises to them. After years of doing aerobics and yoga for the students, staff and parents in the school at which I worked, I decided to branch out and create my own business in order to bring wellbeing and fitness to as many students and schools as possible.

This is how MissFIT Movement was created, back in Term 4, 2016. Since then, we have not looked back. Doubling the number of programs we deliver, and adding more instructors to our team.

Sara Pettet

Sara Pettet

Director / Master Mover

Having always had a passion for movement and exercise, Sara grew up doing many sports including numerous styles of dancing. Sara completed a degree in Exercise Physiology (Human Movement) in 2005 and went on to gain a Post Graduate degree in Education in 2007. Since then, she has taught in Primary and Secondary settings for over 10 years. She also gained cert III and IV in Fitness and has been a gym instructor since 2005. Being a creative type, Sara enjoys choreographing the various movements in the four different MissFIT Movement programs.


Nicole Noon

Nicole Noon

MissFIT Mover

With sports and dance playing a significant role in her childhood, Nicole has developed a love of fitness. In 2014, Nicole began a degree in Health Science (Physiotherapy), however she transitioned into a bachelor of Education (Primary and Middle) in 2015 to pursue a career in teaching. From what started as injury rehabilitation, Nicole has been practicing yoga for over 2 years. In this time, she has built a strong passion for sharing its physical and mental benefits.


Sarah Guilleaume

Sarah Guilleaume

MissFIT Mover

Throughout her life, Sarah has embraced movement and exercise in many different forms, primarily through dancing. In 2013, Sarah completed her Certificate II & III in Dance at Patrick Studios Australia, but found her heart was in teaching. She moved on to study a Bachelor of Primary Education at UniSA whilist also teaching dance styles such as Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary and completing her Teaching Certificate for Classical Ballet. Sarah enjoys staying fit and healthy and loves to see the joy on her students' faces when they learn how fun staying active can be.


Alex Gavrilidis

Alex Gavrilidis

MissFIT Mover

Alex is currently completing a Bachelor of Teaching as well as her Certificate III in Fitness. Her dance background led her to becoming a Zumba instructor to which she enjoys bringing her love of dancing, fitness and teaching. Bringing this to her role as a MissFIT Movement Instructor, she thoroughly enjoys teaching MissFIT Movement Programs in her engaging and enthusiastic way.

Our Mission To deliver engaging movement sessions to school children across Adelaide, improving the physical and emotional wellbeing of young people.
Our Values Fun, engaging group atmosphere, celebrating music and movement.
Our Vision To create active, happy young Australians who have a healthy love of movement and become competent well rounded future leaders.
Fitness and wellbeing have been recognised as increasingly important in the lives of children. The World Health Organisation recommends 60 minutess of moderate to vigorous exercise per day for children aged 5 - 17! While most schools only have 1-2 PE lessons per week. This is where we can help by So incorporating physical activity into other areas of school. For instance daily fitness or a wellbeing program, meaning social and emotional benefits also! MissFIT Movement is committed to providing fitness and movement opportunities to all students by providing a safe, positive, no pressure environment. We establish positive wellbeing through physical activity, while increasing feelings of purpose, accomplishment, and morale. Our programs are expertly choreographed to popular music. They concentrate on evidence-based exercises to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. We FIT with the Australian curriculum. Our programs can link to various outcomes within Health and Physical Education of ACARA. No need for expensive sound systems or fancy gyms. MissFIT Movement brings it all to you. The only thing needed is space. We come to you and bring the fun and fitness too!
  • “Energising and engaging. An excellent initiative to build a positive mindset within a school setting for both students, teachers and the community.”

    — Mr Murray, Primary Teacher

    “Nicole was great. The session went really well last week - enjoyed by staff and students alike.”

    — Ashley Jenner, Sacred Heart College Middle School

    “Great session - I can see how staff and kids would love to relax, strengthen their core and feel rejuvenated. It was a great start to the day too, thanks.”

    - Mike George, Deputy Principal PGHS and President of ACHPER SA

    “Nicole did well - Her manner was lovely with the students. The yoga poses were good today and I talked with her about moving into some strength work as well.”

    — Miriam Doyle, St Ignatius College Senior

    “The sessions were fast paced enough to keep our kids engaged and probably the ideal length of time as any longer and they would have started to lose focus.”

    — Thomas Schlicker, Madison Park School

    “The session was awesome, Sarah was brilliant and the children loved it.”

    — Nick McDermott, PE Teacher St Francis Xavier

    “We and the kids were really happy with how it all went. From all reports today's session was great! Thank you.”

    — James Howard, Head of Pastoral Care, Trinity College Gawler River

  • “I met the gorgeous Sarah today at Princeline Stadium. She was a breath of fresh air on such a hot day. The students really enjoyed her sessions despite the heat, mostly because of her fantastic attitude.”

    — Anna Colley, ACHPER SA

    “Nicole was awesome today.”

    — Lezelle Williams, Portside Christian College

    “Sarah was great. I will try and promote to get more parents and teachers involved. Sarah has been terrific. She explains everything clearly and makes it easy to follow along with. Loving it.”

    — Adam West, Sports Teacher, Rosary

    “I just wanted to say thank you for sending Alex along last week, she was really good. It was a great session with the students engaging and pushing themselves. It's lovely having young enthusiastic presenters who can connect with the students. Thanks again for making this happen and I look forward to working with you later in the year.”

    — Attila Nandori, PE Coordinator, The Hills Montessori School

    “Thank you so much for coming to our student free day, the children all enjoyed your workshop, it’s something that we will definitely look into doing for Vacation care once we commence.”

    — Sally Reid, OSHC Coordinator Charles Campbell College

  • “The session last week with Sarah was really spot on! The children loved it! It was at a slower pace so they were able to keep their place really confidently. It was also great that Sarah used language at the children’s level, like “imagine you’re pushing a truck” etc. Things like that make a huge difference to the children’s engagement and understanding at that age. Also, I’m loving it the staff sessions. I am a real amateur, but both times I’ve left on a high and felt really great afterwards! It’s something I look forward to each Monday so thank you & Sarah!”

    — Emma Reardon, ELC teacher St Thomas Goodwood

    “I like the idea of the guided meditation to finish the session as it helps to give a balance between mind and exercise and assist in preparing the students for a stress-free day. I believe this would be a wonderful programme for our girls.”

    — Jackie Kerr, Mercedes College

    “It's about slowing down our moving and our breathing, so we can be more relaxed.”

    — Student, Rosary Primary School

    “Sarah was very enthusiastic and energetic. It was fun and the students thought she was very nice. One student said she felt 'lightened up'. Other students felt it was relaxing. It was a kids' version of adult yoga. They also liked the choice of music.”

    — Lorene Billing, Our Lady Queen of Peace

    “The kids were really into the session. The kids who had a good go really enjoyed the session, so that was great to see! The music selection was good too, I think the kids really liked the songs played.”

    — Brodie Athorn, St Peter's Lutheran

  • “It made me feel ready for the day.”

    — Lilli, year 3 student

    “Alex was really good with the girls and they really enjoyed the session, lots of the less motivated participated, which was great!”

    — Lisa Kolesnikowicz, PE Teacher Thomas More College

    “When I did aerobics I feel happy and everyone had fun.”

    — Dave, year 4 student

    “Thank you for organising the sessions with Alex today. My group had the first session which was excellent. The other teachers had some really positive feedback from her sessions.”

    — Ben Storer, Year 6 coordinator

    “Thanks Sara, you did a fantastic job with the boys and that's not an easy task.”

    — Ben Dray, Sacred Heart College Middle School

    "The class were respectful and when they began to get a little giggly over moves etc, Paris was proactive in asking that they return to being centred and quiet, which I congratulate her for. A great lesson to end off a hectic week, making everyone feel relaxed and Paris demonstrated and explained the required poses very well. I have also been very impressed with Sarah over the previous weeks and will certainly not hesitate to ask Tom to book with your company again for next year's Yr 9 Fitness unit."

    - Kerryl Gregory, PE & Health teacher Trinity College Blakeview

  • "Thanks again for helping us out last week and will certainly look to tee something up again next year when the Sports Science students again do their fitness and conditioning unit of work."

    - Matt Down Health and Physical Education Learning Area Leader Pulteney Grammar School

    "Thank you so much to Sara and her team for delivering an awesome 4-week program to our boys. With the whole primary involved, everyone busted a move to our dance fit routines, from reception all the way through to Year 7. The older boys also enjoyed their time getting fit and working those muscles during some of the HIIT training workshops. Overall, the boys thoroughly enjoyed their workshops with the MissFit team and we look forward to organising some more sessions in the future!"

    - Kristynn Chung, Year 6 Teacher, St Paul’s College

    "Sara and the MissFit team are professional, highly organised and personable teachers/instructors. They engaged and motivated our students through conversation and scaffolded dance instruction. The music and moves were age appropriate and allowed everyone to experience enjoyment and success. Sara has liaised with our Principal, administration team and teaching staff on multiple levels to support the potential of future programs, current programs and as support to current classroom programs. Sara and her instructors are a highly skilled, dedicated team committed to the health, wellbeing and physical development of children through well planned and executed programs."

    - Jane Glasson, Glen Osmond Primary School

    "We really enjoyed the sessions, the instructor was professional and the program was well suited to our students. All the arrangements were great and I thought our communication with each other worked well."

    - Sonya Brewer, Year 2/3 Teacher St Joseph's Memorial School