Mindful Movement


Mindful Movement is our yoga-based program.

It includes an age appropriate warm up, followed by a series of yoga flow poses incorporating strength, flexibility and balance. The movements are set to current popular music and led by a teacher.

Features and benefits:

  • increases strength, flexibility and balance
  • movements are progressive, age appropriate and easy to follow
  • enhances relaxation and mindfulness
  • improves wellbeing
  • links with Positive Education flourish model


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"The program itself has been really engaging for our students. We have found that all students are able to access the program and take part with some confidence. Even the boys have been really trying their best! They enjoy the music, as it is relevant. Both Tash and Casey have been patient with their instructions and bring a calm demeanour to the sessions which is appreciated by our students. They repeat movements enough for students to be able to mimic their movements. We have been really happy with the yoga program and have been pleasantly surprised by how engaged our students have been." — Lacey Hutter - Thomas More College