What age group / year levels are the programs most suited to?

The programs are suited to children in all year levels. The movements are adapted to suit the age and ability level of each group.

How many children / classes can you take at one time?

The instructor can take betweeen 1-4 classes at once. We recommend between 1-2 classes for Mindful Movement (up to 60 students). And between 1-4 classes for other programs (up to 120 students).

Are the instructors qualified?

Yes. All instructors are either registered, experienced teachers, or preservice teachers. They are all police checked and have relevant child safe environments training and first aid. All instructors are trained to deliver the specialist programs. This means you can sit back and relax while we take care of your lessons!

What types of programs do you have on offer?

We offer four different programs to suit your wellbeing and PE needs.

  • Mindful Movement (yoga)
  • Activ8 (aerobics)
  • FAST (high intensity interval training)
  • DanceFIT (dance)

How much do the sessions and programs cost?

The price of the sessions depends on the number of students. The price will range from $2-$5 per session per student. Contact us to get an accurate quote.

Can I use Sporting Schools funding to pay for the sessions?

Yes. As of 2018, we are affiliated with Sporting Schools.

Do the programs link with ACARA?

Yes. Especially in the 'Movement and Physical Activity' strand. Tick off your dance curriculum with us!

Can you take a session for our Sports Day?

Yes. We can run a 'health hustle' style session for your school's next Sports Day.

Do you offer programs during the holidays? Or just the school term?

Yes. We deliver our programs to schools as part of the school curriculum as well as during vacation care / holiday programs.

Is it just for students, or can you run sessions for staff and parents also?

Sure, we can run sessions for your next PD day, or staff meeting. We can also deliver sessions for the parents and the wider school community.

Do you run sessions for OSHC as well?

Yes. We deliver slightly different programs for OSHC and Vacation care. Where the focus is still on movement, but also more on fun!

Do you link with wellbeing and Positive Education?

Yes. We link with many principles of Positive Education, including mindfulness, positive accomplishment, emotions, engagement, relationships and health.